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If you have a question you would like to ask and it is not available below, simply call us on 0208 313 6953 to speak with one of our advisors.
I think I am partially responsible for the injuries I sustained whilst in an educational facility, can I still claim?
Yes we can often help even if you are partially responsible, contact us now to find out.
My accident happened over a year ago, can you still help?
Yes we can, normally we can only help if your accident or injury occurred less than 3 years ago. There are exceptions to this so please contact us now to find out.
My accident occurred in France, are you able to help?
Unfortunately we are only able to deal with accidents that occurred in England and Wales as different Legal rules apply in other countries.
I thought that solicitors charged lots of fees, how do these get paid?
In Law our solicitors are able to recover their costs from the insurer of the other party involved. As a result you will never be faced with any costs.